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Housekeeping Lab

The Housekeeping department deals primarily with the maintenance and aesthetic upkeep of the premises. Other responsibilities handled by this department constitute horticulture activities, linen laundering and providing the utmost comfort and luxury to the guest.

The Housekeeping Training Lab is equipped with required manual, electrical and other equipment like maid cart, scrubbing machine, vacuum machine and cleaning chemicals for honing the practicing skills.

The Housekeeping department ensures the evolution of Hotel Management students into full fledged professionals in the field of Accommodation Operations.

Model Room with Five Start Room Décor

The Dewan V.S Institute of Hotel Management & Technology offers a challenging and rewarding learning experience combining face-to-face teaching with practical learning support for this the Institute has established a model twin bedded air conditioned room .It is just what one may find in any Star Category Hotel to cater the training and practice requirements of bed making, layout planning and the general upkeep of guest room.

Advance Thematic Training Restaurant with Mock Bar Lab

The Advance Thematic Training Restaurant with Mock Bar is spacious, furnished with restaurant furniture and Buffet setup, well set, ventilated and equipped with all necessary amenities comprising quality crockery, cutlery, and glasses. Further for honing student’s skills at bar-tending and mixing the department offers industry oriented Mock Bar Appliances, fixtures and other facilities.

This lab is installed to leverage the setup techniques of Food & Beverage Service –the buffet arrangement, theme setup for parties and a La carté service.

Bakery & Confectionery Lab

The bakery & confectionery lab is specifically designed considering the industry requirements. It is spacious, well set, ventilated, furnished and equipped with working tables, heavy duty electric oven with digital display. The department provides students with live practical training in the art of baking and decorating different cakes, cookies, pastries etc. helping them grooming into skilled bakers, confectionery artists and pastry chefs.

Kitchen Lab

The lab is designed considering the present day industry requirements. It is capacious, well set, ventilated with fresh air supply ducts and equipped with quality & high graded stainless steel equipment, refrigerator, tandoor, brat pan, wet grinder, world class cooking console, high pressure ranges covered with modern ducting and attached with gas pipelines.

Basic Training Kitchen (BTK): The first year students are given an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in the BTK. The students are provided training on basic culinary art and gearing up of the zealous-budding hoteliers for further challenges. The BTK also emphasizes on Cuisines practice and learning of multidisciplinary cooking traits & art.

Quantity Food Training Kitchen (QTK): After the in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge students are further pruned at QTK on various pre-operational methods of various delicacies and food preparation tips to face the challenges like cooking for large groups, catering the wide variety of people, catering people representing different culinary zones nationally as well as internationally.

Front Office Lab

The front office lab is spacious designed as the Front Desk of any hotel. The lab includes Front office desk, Concierge desk and reservation office. The department prepares students on how to receive, register and escort guest with modern hospitality software.

At Dewan V.S. Institute of Hotel Management & Technology special emphasis is laid on student grooming, improving their soft skills, handling guest complaints. For this students are trained in simulation and provided workshops on telephonic conversation, handling the complained guest, attending the guest etc. For this the department not only takes support of guest lecturers and experts but has hired a Delhi based soft skills organization.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall at Dewan V.S Institute of Hotel Management is endowed with roomy, furnished, ventilated seminar hall for 100 audiences. The seminar hall is outfitted with ultra modern facilities like Light system, Sound system and LCD Multimedia Projector.